ASAP Specialists

 As the world leader in Safety and Prevention, the Alliance for Safety and Prevention (ASAP) is made up of proven specialists and leaders in Safety and Prevention. Why Safety and Prevention? Because 99.9% of people prefer Preventing incidents, attacks, tragedies, and liabilities as well as Preventing the unwanted, embarrassing, and expensive consequences rather than Responding to them.
Preventing delivers Safety.

What makes Global ASAP different?

Global ASAP is keenly focused on Safety and Preventing.

Global ASAP understands the differences between Safety and Security and the differences between Preventing and Responding.


  • Too many leaders from associations, organizations, and communities believe Security is Safety
  • Too many leaders believe their only option is spending more money ($$) on First Responders (Security, Law Enforcement, etc.), First Responder equipment, and First Responder Training
  • Too many vendors and “security experts” believe Security is Safety

To learn more about the differences between Safety and Security, click here.

Why else are acts of violence and acts of evil soaring?

The truth is most association, organizational, and community leaders don’t know what they don’t know. Most don’t know most acts of violence and acts of evil were PREVENTABLE based on overwhelming DATA and evidence that most leaders don’t have time to research.

Most association, organizational, and community leaders continue to focus primarily on First Responders and Security, and as long as they continue down this path they will fail at Preventing and delivering Safety. This path will keep organizations and communities in Response mode and they will be forced to deal with soaring costs, embarrassing headlines, and serious or even tragic consequences.

It’s your choice… status quo or become an early adopter and start Preventing incidents, attacks, tragedies, liabilities, and consequences? Contact  ASAP now!

Leaders Must Be the “Head Coach”

No sports team would be successful with just a Defensive Coordinator and Defensive players, because, without an Offensive Coordinator and Offensive players, you lose.

A successful “Head Coach” has a Defensive Coordinator (Security Officer, Police Chief, etc.) and Defensive Players (First Responders) AND an Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Players (First Preventers). Without an Offensive Coordinator and First Preventers, Preventing acts of violence and acts of evil is nearly impossible. Who is leading and equipping the “Offense” and First Preventers in your organization or community?

Are you a “Head Coach” (Executive Director, President, etc.) of an Association?

99.9% of your members prefer Preventing incidents over Responding to them, so when your Association is connected with ASAP, your Association and your members will have direct access to numerous value-added benefits. Your Association’s members will have access to next-generation Safety and Prevention services, leading Safety & Prevention Specialists, and be eligible for discounted Safety and Prevention Services that can help and equip your members to save lives, save reputations, save bottom lines, and much more. Learn more.

Are you a “Head Coach” (CEO, CFO, Board Member, etc.) of an Organization?

Global ASAP is interested in connecting with the “Head Coach” of Organizations and discussing how you can establish a unique relationship with Global ASAP with direct access to numerous organization specific value-added benefits and services. Learn more.